Generator Assessments

Ensuring that you have the correct generator to meet your power requirements is a critical part in the purchasing process when buying any Generator Logic product. Generator Logic works closely with clients to determine the exact power requirements of a specific site, particularly during the planning stages of a building, construction or project.
Our team of technical consultants are able to provide a power consumption analysis of all equipment and machinery to be used at a designated site, provide future planning scenarios to allow for expansion and growth and thus determine the correct genset configuration to meet with your exact requirements.
Generator Maintenance

Consultation Services

Generator Logic’s experienced sales consultants work closely with client to determine the exact requirements of the electrical service and load before selecting a power generation system. This will ensure the correct size of generator and transfer switch. A standby generator system can be configured to take the entire load or only a portion thereof in the event of a power interruption. We will assess whether it is necessary for the standby generator to assume the entire load or only the mission-critical portion of the electrical load and configure the circuitry and transfer switch accordingly.
Critical loads are commonly comprised of emergency life support systems, lighting systems, key machinery or data processing systems that are deemed essential – as in the instances of hospitals, emergency call centres, air traffic control rooms, production lines to name but a few. The collective number of these items will determine the requirements of the critical load. Certain items like air conditioning systems are often considered non-essential, since they draw large amounts of power and are sometimes only an inconvenience when not operating.
Certain types of devices such as electric motors and lifts require special consideration as part of the load because on initiation they draw more power. The higher initiation requirements for electric motors and the special needs of non-linear loads may necessitate additional starting kVA (kilovolt amps) via a larger generator set.